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Pair A Dice Games (map)

We have a pretty big crowd for Standard and Draft. But we know there are those players who want a chance to play some of their older cards. Pair A Dice Games is hosting Tuesday Night Modern.  But to ensure that not everyone is left out who can't afford to buy the cards or is building their deck with time, we allow up to 10 proxies total for main deck and sideboard for an entry fee of $5. This is an incentive to improve your deck so that you may one day play with a fully un-proxied deck. If you use more than 10 proxies, the entry price will be $7. 


Registration is 6:30PM. Start time is 7PM. Prizes are in the form of store credit or cash, winners choice. For every $5 store credit, it will be $3.50 cash. Minimum of 6 players for an event to fire.